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Applied Skills Programme | Certification Award
Certifications help students qualify for certain careers in the private sector (job assistance is provided), promotion opportunities, and additional upskilling. They are applicable to companies that accept certification programs.
The certification program also helps individuals starting their own businesses (support is provided by our organization)
Additionally, students pursuing the training program can apply for recommended distance/online university degree programs or any additional government-recognized or approved exams by paying extra fees. This may assist them in applying for government jobs.

Certification Awards are also given to working professionals who possess the skills but lack certification. Candidates with experience in the relevant field can apply for a direct exam to take up the challenge (both theory and practical components).

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Achievement, depending on their selected subject.

10th & 12th

Open School Secondary Education (10th / SSLC) and 2nd Year PUC / Senior Secondary Education (12th class), Direct Entry, Affiliated to BISE which is Approved and recognized by Govt. Of Karnataka.

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Diploma Courses:

Applied Skills Programme | Diploma Certification Award 
The diploma focuses on specific skills designed for industrial technical and non-technical training. We offer one-year and two-year diploma programs designed for job-oriented courses.

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Advanced Diploma:

Applied Skills Programme | Advanced Diploma Certification Award
An Advanced Diploma is awarded after completing Diploma Courses. A regular diploma program requires one/two years of study, while an advanced diploma program adds an extra year. Advanced diplomas provide students with focused learning in their chosen specialization.

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Applied PG Courses:

Applied PG Skills Programme | Diploma Certification Award
Applied PG Skills Programme | Advanced Diploma Certification Award
The Applied PG Skills Program is typically undertaken after the successful completion of an undergraduate degree at a college or university. It serves as an equivalent, non-conventional, certification in applied skills. This program is designed to accommodate individuals who have already obtained their bachelor's degrees in relevant fields to get Advanced Diploma certification. Those holding degrees in unrelated subjects can choose to enroll in Diploma certification instead. Upon successful program completion, participants are awarded a certification known as either the "Applied PG Skills Programme, Diploma Certification" or the "Applied PG Skills Programme, Advanced Diploma Certification"
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Specialization Courses:

Applied Skills Programme | Specialization Certification Award
Specialization Courses are designed to provide industry-relevant experience and help professionals/students to upgrade their careers in selected programs. Those who have completed short-term courses or diplomas, as well as those with work experience, can take up these courses to upgrade their skills. These courses last for 6 months and focus on a particular skill subject.

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Short-Term Courses:

Applied Skills Programme | Short-Term Course Certification Award
Short-term courses are designed to provide skills and knowledge in a particular subject or field. These courses also help participants upgrade their skills.

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Affiliate With Us

Individuals or institutes who are willing to share knowledge and educate people can apply for affiliation. Certification Programs: Certification awards for completion by honoring Diploma Certification, Advanced Diploma, PG, Specialization, Professional Certification, and Applied Skills Certification awards.

For all the ways we're here

“VRZ Groups Public Trust” is also an Authorised Training & Certification Centre with YP for Educational objectives, Students can also apply for the Examination of  Skill India, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) for Government Approved Certification.

Reg. No. F-419(Born)

YP Affiliated to National Skill Development Corporation

VRZ Groups Public Trust
Authorised Training & Certification Centre

VRZ College of Professional Education

Unit of "VRZ Groups Public Trust" REGD BY GOVT. OF KARNATAKA UNDER ITA 1882 GOVT. OF INDIA. REG NO: YPR-4-00012-2012-13. | 12A, 80G, CSR, MSME REGD, NITI AAYOG REG NO: KA/2023/0340254.

IS0 Certified Organisation | An Autonomous Skill-Based Education Programme | For Professional Certification

VRZ College of Professional Education collaborates with diverse organizations to offer government-approved and officially recognized programs, including open school, distance education, and correspondence courses for 10th/SSLC, 12th/PUC, and degree-level education. We also have affiliations with training institutions to confer Certification Awards. The courses are Applied, Non-conventional, skill-based Courses considered as a Level or equivalent programme. These certifications are based on both theoretical and practical assessments, recommended by the Training Institute on Global Online Vocational Courses. Our overarching mission is to make education accessible to everyone, enabling access to employment opportunities and assisting individuals in achieving self-employment. Our PUC courses empower students to seamlessly transition into regular colleges or universities and pursue careers in the public, private, or government sectors. Our additional Certification awards confer a program level or equivalent certification to empower students for job positions in the public or private sector, thereby enhancing their prospects for career advancement.

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